Energy crisis in Germany

Effects and assessment of the current situation.

Dear partners,

The world keeps moving and the daily news comes thick and fast.

The geopolitical and economic situation continues to be tense and no one can currently predict whether it will stabilise in the near future. The development of the energy supply with gas, in particular, will concern us in the long term.

Interrupted supply chains, new logistics routes to be opened up, current effects of the heatwaves and soaring energy prices are presenting us and our partners in many places with new tasks every day.

Together with our suppliers, we are reacting and acting every day in order to obtain the best solution for our customers in view of the challenges in the supply of raw materials.

Nevertheless, we cannot always predict or avoid delays, bottlenecks or even delivery failures in good time, despite taking all due care. Unfortunately, unexpected price increases also cannot be ruled out.

This may mean that we will not be able to supply to you or will not be able to supply to you in full as contractually agreed, without CG GROUP being at fault. We would therefore like to point out as a precaution that we will also assert, if necessary, the rights to which we are contractually or legally entitled in the event of force majeure. We ask for your understanding and hope that such cases will remain a rare exception.

We are already working on possible solutions today in order to be able to maintain our operational business via alternative energy suppliers in the extreme case that gas is unavailable. We are also continuously looking at how to reduce or optimise our energy use.

Even if things appear uncertain as we look towards the future, we remain positive and continue to attempt to ensure that our ability to deliver is maintained by planning with foresight and coordinating closely with our business partners.

We will continue to do all we can every day to keep our promises and satisfy every single one of our customers in the best possible way.
Our customer services advisers are there for you at all times as usual.

Yours sincerely,