Keeping things running

We know what matters to our customers in the automobile industry. Our VDA 6.1 certification attests to this. And it is confirmed by our daily collaboration with many national and international manufacturers and suppliers.

If we are asked

which chemical products we can contribute, the answer is simple: in principle, almost any that are needed. After all, our infrastructure with its own application technology and laboratories that are equipped to the highest standard makes it possible to offer a wide range of automotive standard products, as well as to manufacture customised special products.

We just want everything to run smoothly. That’s why we are delighted in every challenge so we can respond with the right solution.

From our automotive portfolio:

  • Windscreen cleaners (winter, summer, ready mix, 1:100 concentrate)
  • Anti-freeze (Glysantin®)
  • Brake cleaners
  • Wheel cleaners (P3 Neutracare® products)
  • Hand cleaners (P3 Manuvo® products)
  • Oil binding agents (Ascal products/Penta/Sorbix)
  • Cold cleaners (Isopar™/white spirit/Pentasol 100 L/P3 Glin®/P3 Industrial Fa)
  • Engine cleaners (P3 Grato12/P3 Grato 80/engine compartment cleaners)
  • Workshop cleaners (P3 Glin products/P3 Industrial Fa)
  • Sweeping wax
  • Paint coagulation agents (P3 Croni® types)
  • Petroleum
  • Thinners
  • Flushing media (closed circular pipelines/bell flushing)
  • De-icing salt/grit/magnesium chloride & solution/CG Tech 1.6
  • Cooling lubricant emulsion (P3 Multan® 77-4 - bactericide-free for steel and aluminium and P3 Multan® 71-2 for general machining)
  • Flocculants (Sachtoklar®)
  • pH regulators
  • Agents for cleaning bodywork (CG Tens 5001 - click here for more details)
  • Gasket installation aids (propylene glycol)
  • Impregnating agents (SEM 01)

Our experts are here for you: