It all began in 1962

The success story.

What began as a regionally oriented chemical trading company is today an internationally operating group for the trade and production of specialty chemicals with many locations in the German-speaking world. Learn more about the history of the CG Group!

It all began in 1962 – founding of the Chemikalische Gesellschaft. What no one could have known at this time: This company would later develop into the CG GROUP.

how it all started.

The acid, alkali and solids storage facility was built in the 1960s. In addition, the company premises were expanded by 15,000 square metres through the purchasing of land. Over the next decade, the course was already set for expansion.

The first acquisition, Chemische Fabrik Dr. Reininghaus from Essen, came on board in 1971. The company joined the Penta purchasing group from Hamburg as a shareholder and invested in Reher & Ramsden Nachflg. GmbH & Co KG. Construction activity continued on the CG company premises: A solvent tank storage facility and the two-storey administration building were built. The 1970s came to an end with the establishment of the company’s own export department.

In 1986, the company took the opportunity to acquire the leased site and both modernise and expand the storage capacity. The first laboratory was established on site in 1988. SIL Lackfabrik joined the CG Group in 1989.  In 1990, structural development at the site in Laatzen remained a key topic: Another storey was added to the office building, a new neutralisation facility with an underground tank was created, as well as a siding vat and the canopy over the sidings.

CG CHEMIKALIEN GmbH & Co. HOLDING KG | CG GROUP was founded in 1995 and took over the holdings of Reininghaus-Chemie, Reher & Ramsden.

Finally, in the 21st century, the pace of development increased dramatically. The corporate group was formed that now cooperates successfully to the benefit of its customers.

Wendt-Chemie Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG was sold in 2001. In 2004, CG acquired shares in Wilhelm Jäkle GmbH & Co KG, and Richard Sichler GmbH & CO KG was acquired immediately afterwards in 2005. This was followed by a majority stake in Thommen Furler AG in Switzerland in 2006. CG consistently pursued its path and acquired ChemDis GmbH – its subsidiary in Eisenberg – in 2012.

The expansion measures at the Laatzen CG 1962 | Chemikalien site were followed by other projects that increased and modernised storage and production capacities – right up to the company’s own laboratory building with production areas under cleanroom conditions. The new production and storage facility for the pharmaceutical and nutrition market was put into operation in 2017 – GMP-compliant with manufacturing authorisation AMG § 13.

CG GROUP will remain true to its course to strengthen the Group through a targeted search for partners and to further differentiate the portfolio of our products and services through specialisations at the various locations.