Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Perfect purity.

Our foundation

Access to high-quality raw materials that has been successfully established over many decades, production capacities through to manufacture under cleanroom conditions, quality standards that often exceed legal requirements, high-performance analytics for testing and control – the CG Group offers all of the prerequisites to ensure stable production processes and high-quality products as a partner in the food industry.

We have consistently made use of these prerequisites – for a specialised product portfolio that uses raw materials and in-house developments to also enrich the production of sensitive foods, such as those for infants.

The utmost care in manufacturing and analysis is a matter of course for our nutrition experts. It begins with the selection of raw materials and extends through the entire process chain to purity testing according to FCC and VC 231/2012.

Only this uncompromising quality standard leads to products like those found in our Nutrition portfolio. Food producers benefit from their lack of chlorate, the minimisation of heavy metals, and their freedom from nanoparticles and melamine.


Comprehensive and specialised.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of raw materials and intermediate products for further processing in production. Our products are low in chlorate, contain minimal heavy metals, are nanoparticle-free, MOSH/MOAH-free and melamine-free, and are a guarantee of pure quality.

The product innovations TRACELIGHTTM and CG NutriNovum® have been developed specifically for the sensitive area of manufacturing baby food.



Our validated processing operations, the concept of analytical skills and assured access to high-quality raw materials ensure that our products have minimal impurities, making them suitable for sensitive applications such as the production of baby food.

Our quality strategy is to meet specification standards for our products that are more stringent than those actually required and to achieve the highest possible level of quality. This applies to the entire supply chain, where comprehensive transparency is guaranteed – from separate documentation of the origin of the raw materials to careful quality testing of the mixtures produced.

additives and supplements

In the field of Health & Nutrition, we offer more than 500 additives and supplements from well-known manufacturers – also for use in particularly sensitive challenges such as the production of baby food.

  • Food chemicals (food-grade acids & alkalis)
  • Organic and inorganic mineral salts
  • Acetate
  • Gluconate & sweeteners
  • Starch products
  • Phosphates
  • Solvents (in accordance with FCC)
  • Glycols
  • Product highlights
    • TRACELIGHT™ caustic soda  E 524
    • TRACELIGHT™ - Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company
    • NutriNovum® potassium hydroxide solution E 525
    • Valsterane® hydrogen peroxide
    • Permafluor (amine fluoride for dental care)


"TRACELIGHTTM" sodium hydroxide solution with a low chlorate content

The first example is the result of a productive partnership with the manufacturer Dow. The high-purity caustic soda solution Tracelight™ is an additive that has been approved according to E524 in accordance with EU Regulation 1333/2008 and is certified as kosher and halal. The chlorate value of Tracelight™ CAUSTIC SODA is < 5ppm. ISO 22000 production, storage, bottling and transport takes place according to HACCP – in accordance with EC 852/2004 (food hygiene regulation) and the drinking water regulation EN 896:2012. Dow has established itself as the first pan-European producer to meet and consistently safeguard stringent food safety requirements throughout the entire supply chain. Tracelight™ is produced using the batch method and each individual delivery is given its own batch number so that transparent traceability is ensured at all times. It is also delivered in dedicated vehicles that only transport Tracelight™. This is the only way to guarantee all food safety requirements upon delivery. Uncompromising risk management also ensures that production can be carried out to the highest quality standards. What’s more, product stewardship makes health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of product design, manufacture, use, and recycling.


“NutriNovum®” potassium hydroxide solution with a low chlorate content

The second example is a development by CG called NutriNovum®, which is produced under GMP conditions at CG 1962. NutriNovum® has been shown to have an extremely low chlorate content and, due to its sustainable production, can also be used without any problems for sensitive applications such as the production of baby food.

Strict quality control and an approval procedure for the finished product complete the production process. The solutions are packaged in FDA and FSSC 22000-compliant food-safe IBC containers and tankers according to customer requirements. Guaranteed and certified quality at a glance:

  • Approved food additive
  • E525 in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council
    • Compliance with EU Regulation No. 231/2012
    • ISO 22000 production, storage, bottling and transport in accordance with HACCP – EC 852/2004 (food hygiene regulation)
  • Kosher and Halal certified (MUI/JAKIM)


The 360° service portfolio.

Our service philosophy always provides different answers to the same question: What exactly do our customers need?

In close cooperation with the customer, we develop production concepts and processes in order to deliver exactly what is needed – individually and with the highest quality, guaranteed by consistent testing, safety and documentation systems.

In addition to individual services, we offer a wide range of standards and special services for our customers.


Our modern warehouse meets all the requirements of our quality standards. The qualified GMP warehouse is directly connected to the production area via an automatic transport system. This allows us to ensure consistently controlled environmental conditions for our products. 3,200 pallet bays, a 30-cubic-metre underground tank for liquid media and our own filling station for tankers allow us to deliver just-in-time to our customers.

  • GMP-qualified
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • > 3,200 pallet bays

Transport & Distribution

We have been cooperating with approved forwarding agents and distribution partners for many years for the international distribution of goods, whether by road, rail, by ship or by air freight. With regard to regional tasks, we impress with the greatest possible flexibility and just-in-time delivery using our own vehicle fleet. Our customers receive deliveries from the smallest containers to tankers 365 days a year – reliably, on time and in high quality.

  • GDP transport with company fleet
  • Global overseas shipment
  • Strong global network with partner companies

Experts, services and special product portfolio for our customers from the:

  • Dietary supplements |  Functional food
  • Baby food
  • Food packaging
  • Seasonings | Meat products
  • Bread & baked goods
  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks
  • Dairy industry
  • Flavourings & fragrances
  • Food processing
  • Sugar processing

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