The Product Portfolio

Comprehensive and specialised.

The entire product range of the CG Group can be found in three specific product portfolios: Industrial and Speciality Chemicals, Health & Nutrition and Pharma & Biotech.

Our product range.

We supply industrial and specialty chemicals for a wide range of sectors and industries, a selected product portfolio for sensitive use in food and animal feed production. A dedicated range of excipients and active ingredients for use in pharmaceutical applications and production, and customised bioprocess solutions round off our entire product range.

Over time, we have been able to convince many producers of our qualities – our portfolios include many products that are manufactured in cooperation with well-known manufacturers.
Our customers benefit from the proximity and individual specialisations that our subsidiaries offer in their locations.

Industrial & Specialty Chemicals

The product portfolio consists of industrial chemicals and specialty chemicals and follows the requirements for technical quality. These include aqueous solutions (including acids & alkalis), solvents (including alcohols, polyglycols, halogenated hydrocarbons), solids (including inorganic and organic salts, organic acids). Our portfolio is used in more than 156 industries.
We specialise in the coating and automotive sectors and offer a dedicated portfolio. We can impress our customers in many areas in the coating | paint & varnish industry.


  •  CG-Clean 2020 hygienic cleaner for surfaces
  •  Windscreen cleaner liquids (winter/summer/ready mix/concentrate)
  •  CG-Tens 5001 agent for cleaning bodywork
  •  Flushing medium CG-Tech 5.0 for painting robots
  •  Special salt CG-Tech 1.6 as test equipment for corrosion resistance
  •  CG-Sonic III cleaner for ultrasonic systems

CG Pharma & Biotech

We support pharmaceutical manufacturing with more than 300 active ingredients and excipients – an overview

  • Standard Pharma Portfolio
    • > 250 premium active ingredients and excipients
    • Organic and inorganic mineral salts
    • pH regulators and buffers
  • CG Tailormade – Product concept tailored to the customer.
    • > 50 premium active ingredients and excipients
    • Low endotoxin qualities for parenteral applications
    • Can be configured individually for customers:
      • Raw materials
      • Pharmacopoeia
      • Application (injectable/non-injectable)
  • CG Pharma Production | Cleanroom Production Portfolio
    • Customised bioprocess solutions
    • CIP media
    • Water for injections
    • Buffers and saline solutions
    • Cleaning and rinsing agents

Paints & Laquer raw materials

offers a portfolio of > 560 products from strong partners.

  • Architectural:  AEROSIL®, PAS, molecular sieve, EO, isocyanate
  • Industry: AEROSIL®, ACEMATT®, SPHERILEX®, corrosion inhibitors, PAS, isocyanate, EO
  • Adhesives: Dispersing agents, AEROSIL®
  • Textiles: AEROSIL®, ACEMATT®, Imparil DLH and DLN
  • Miscellaneous: SIPERNAT®, ZEOLEX® extender for TiO2, anti-caking agents, Aerosil® rheology control for leather coatings

Health & Nutrition

In the field of Nutrition, we offer more than 500 additives and supplements from well-known manufacturers – also for use in particularly sensitive challenges such as the production of baby food.

  • Food chemicals (food-grade acids & alkalis)
  • Organic and inorganic mineral salts
  • Acetate
  • Gluconate & sweeteners
  • Starch products
  • Phosphates
  • Solvents (in accordance with FCC)
  • Glycols
  • Product highlights
    • TRACELIGHT™ caustic soda  E 524
    • TRACELIGHT™ - Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company
    • NutriNovum® potassium hydroxide solution E 525
    • Valsterane® hydrogen peroxide
    • Permafluor (amine fluoride for dental care)

Private brands

The production of some private labels complements the extensive product portfolio of the CG Group:

  • CG - EVC Products
  • CG Antisept
  • CG Clean


Non-proprietary brands

Extract of well-known manufacturers

  • SAFECHEM Safe Trainer System
  • BASF Intermediates
  • Donau Carbon Aktivkohle
  • Honeywell Fine Chemicals