We take responsibility

Corporate social responsibility.

When it comes to issues such as product and occupational health and safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection, we hold ourselves accountable every day. We are constantly challenging ourselves to work beyond the legal requirements in the areas of environment, safety and health.

Especially as a company that works with highly sensitive materials, we have a great responsibility – not only for our employees, customers and partners, but also for all people and our entire environment. And across different levels.

The pillars of responsibility


These include the pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as well as the company’s internal Compliance Guidelines and a related Code of Conduct.

We consciously take responsibility because this is the only way we develop and improve ourselves – in all core areas of our company: From the high quality and reliability of our products, processes and services to occupational health and safety, environmental protection and safety, and energy efficiency.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe that our environment is also our responsibility. And that is why we make a sustainable contribution. Voluntarily. Beyond the statutory requirements. In the areas of our actual activity, the environment and health. We conserve natural resources (water, energy, materials, raw materials), reduce emissions, waste and water pollution, and actively protect the environment and the climate. In order to guarantee this responsibility, we take part in Responsible Care, the programme by the German Chemical Distribution Association (Verband Chemiehandel e.V.). (VCH), whose guidelines define responsible action and demand it from each individual employee.


Responsible Care

Code of Conduct

Our Compliance Guidelines and Code of Conduct are our voluntary commitment to legal, responsible and ethical conduct based on the FECC Ethical and Business Principles.

When it comes to laws, these must be strictly observed by every employee and by the company management without grey areas – from fundamental behaviour to equal treatment, the prohibition of bribery and corruption, to data and environmental protection.