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What drives us

The CG Mission.

Our values are a sure compass for our daily actions. We are agile, innovative, qualified and sustainable – qualities that help us fulfil our most important mission: to be the “solution” partner for our customers. We are here for you: your challenge – our solution.

Our name is our commitment.

The C stands for chemistry, the G for Gesellschaft, or society in English – and bringing both together is an important task in our daily work.

Because we are convinced that chemistry makes valuable contributions to society – today, tomorrow and in the distant future that we want to shape.

Chemical products and processes will play a significant role in key areas of our lives. For example, in energy supply, food production or health care.

From this point of view, chemistry is elementary in the truest sense of the word. We will need it in the development of modern materials and active ingredients. We will use it to protect the environment and achieve climate goals. We are ready to harness the opportunities of chemistry and to manage its risks.

CG unites:

Tradition and Innovation

We know exactly where we come from. Our experience of more than 60 years is a strong foundation and is perfectly combined with our desire to continually break new ground, develop new products and exploit current technological opportunities.

CG unites:

Specialists and Experts

We talk to our business partners on an equal footing. We connect specialists and experts on our side and theirs. We attach the utmost importance to the qualifications, education and training of our colleagues and employees. After all, expertise is the basis for real understanding.



because we plan in a future-oriented manner and remain curious about current technological and scientific developments. We consistently break new ground and develop new services and products to overcome our customers’ challenges with concrete solutions.


because we work proactively and flexibly to deliver the right solutions to our customers, taking into account relevant factors such as market requirements and legal framework conditions.


because we work in accordance with the rules and professionally according to standards that are higher than those that are actually required. In order to offer the highest quality, we rely on the consistent training and further training of our employees and specialists.


because we think beyond our own horizons using a coherent approach and contribute to conserving resources and preserving the environment through transparent processes, attentive quality management and watertight control systems.