CG Industry

Large portfolio, personal consulting.

Alkalis, acids, solvents, solids – our range of industrial chemicals and specialty chemicals is high-quality and diverse. Our customers benefit from an extremely reliable flow of goods, connections to well-known manufacturers and the opportunity to fulfil almost any request in the field of industrial chemicals.


We maintain numerous strategic partnerships and rely on long-standing partnerships. We are successful as an approved dealer for many well-known and leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals. Our experts provide first-class consulting for a wide range of industries and applications and ensure a continuous flow of information from the producer to the customer.

The diverse product portfolio and the high standard of storage, safety and transport are the ideal basis for a long-term collaboration. The product portfolio comprises around 3000 products that are made available in a variety of ways.

Liquid chemicals such as acids, alkalis and solvents can be supplied in a wide range of container and packaging sizes – from 1 to 5-litre containers to tankers with a capacity of up to 25 tonnes. It is also possible to ship general cargo or tank wagons by rail via dedicated sidings.

We will be happy to advise you personally to get to know your requirements and to provide you with suitable solutions and deliveries.

Our experts are here for you: