CG GROUP - Sustainability


Focus on people and the environment.

Ecology, economy and society in harmony.

Our philosophy

Conscious use of all resources.

For our sustainable development, we not only work on environmentally friendly products, but also on effective processes in order to operate as efficiently as possible. In doing so, we pay attention to the targeted use of products for optimized results.

The safety of our team, our partners and our environment is always our top priority.

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Global sustainability goals


The United Nations has set 17 goals for social, economic and environmental sustainable development.

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What we do


Our companies work every day to sustainably improve the present and the future. To this end, we are guided by the 17 global sustainability goals. The following is an excerpt of our measures, which we are continuously expanding.

3 Health and well-being

High safety standards are an absolute necessity when dealing with chemicals, and we ensure these every day. By regularly training our employees, we create an attentive awareness to ensure the safety of both the environment and people.
Naturally, we also support our customers with regard to health protection when handling products.

4 High-quality education

We regularly take part in external and internal training courses to maintain our high standards. We also train our partners in the use of our products.

For example, as a licensed VDI training partner, we regularly offer training courses in the field of water chemistry.

5 Gender equality

Unconditional, respectful interaction is a matter of course for us.

8 Decent work and economic growth

Economic activity must take place under fair conditions for everyone. A necessity that we set out in our comprehensive compliance guidelines for ourselves and our partners.

9 Innovation, industry and infrastructure

We are constantly working on our product portfolio in order to be able to offer our customers the most innovative products.
In doing so, we attach great importance to constantly expanding our product portfolio with sustainable alternatives. As a distributor of chemical raw materials, we support customers from a wide range of industries and of all sizes.

12 Responsible consumption and production patterns

By supplying our customers according to their needs, we can adapt product quantities individually and offer flexible and demand-oriented solutions thanks to a wide range of container sizes. This means that unnecessary waste can be avoided. We can also provide a sustainable service by sampling products.

13 Climate protection measures

We focus on energy management ISO 50001, environmental management ISO 14001, circular economy and waste prevention. Wherever possible, we offer our customers alternative products that have a lower carbon footprint, thereby supporting our customers' sustainability goals.

Circular economy

Environmentally conscious and efficient.

The circular economy means extending the life cycle of raw materials and reducing waste to a minimum. This means that resources and materials are used again and again. For us, this is a principle that we live by every day.

To this end, we use bio-based products such as the CSTICO®phen range developed by CSC JÄKLECHEMIE and the CQ products from our trading partner Covestro.

Together for all.

Sustainable development is only possible with a strong team.

As a training company, we pass on our extensive know-how to future generations and thus shape the future. Work-life balance is an important concept for us - which is why we offer our team flexible working time models. It is important to us to support the compatibility of career and family. We offer our employees the opportunity to work remotely wherever possible.
We support the well-being of our employees by taking part in company runs and organizing internal company events.

Our experts are there for you: